Announcement of change of rules of water withdrawal activities

Dear M777 members, Hello:
The rules of water back and forth activities are adjusted and revised:
1. the return water shall be calculated according to the member’s weekly profit
Ordinary members week wash code quantity *0.4%= this week Tuishui points
VIP membership week wash code quantity *0.7%= this week Tuishui points
Note: a member whose profit is positive this week is not in the water returning activity
2., participate in the water retreat game adjusted to
Salon, Oriental Club, super bingo, Sun Town
Note: the salon and Sun City video games are included in the water back movement
M777 online casino new week back water rules start time is:
2017/05/01 PM, 12:00
If you are in doubt, you can contact the twenty-four hour online customer service, customer service sister to solve for you.